Sourcing and the Supply Chain

Sourcing & the Supply Chain

The unique combination of years’ of manufacturing and sourcing experience, alongside efficient, affordable software allows us to assist in the creation and cultivation of global supply chains.

The current crisis has opened many peoples’ eyes to sourcing processes. This has always been of huge importance but is prioritised by some, and less by others. Go-betweens (agents) can be useful and great value for money.

But, if you’ve sourced through large marketplaces, never visited the factory, have no idea of the working conditions or if the ‘quality certificate’ is genuine … this is the moment to start finding out.

And, there is a lot you can do without getting on a plane.

If you’re stuck, worried or just need a bit of help in the right direction, we may be able to help. We have years’ of manufacturing and sourcing experience – and efficient, affordable software which helps make good decisions great.

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