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Case Studies

Here are just some of the ways that we are helping our customers to address their counterfeiting issues.

Bikes stored on Clug clips


When Hornit experienced a flood of counterfeits of their Clug brand they turned to SnapDragon for help to fight back

Alien Morphsuits


AFG media had trademark infringement issues particularly of their Morphsuits brand and needed a solution

Glencairn Glasses

Glencairn Crystal

SnapDragon has helped Glencairn protect its uniquely designed “Glencairn Glass” around the world

Man Paddle-Boarding

Red Paddle

Red Paddle had an issue with infringements of their brand name, copyright images and trademarks

Some resources you might find useful

Feel free to download our resources which provide help and guidance on key brand protection issues.

Counterfeiting Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: The true scale of the issue of fakes is staggering

Iceberg mostly hidden beneath sea-level

EBOOK: How to defend your brand from counterfeiters online

A Dangerous Game

GUIDE: Six tips to help you protect your brand and IP online

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And lastly, some very practical support

Top tips to protect your brand online

Some top tips that have served us well and that are great starting point that will help you to protect your brand online


A useful glossary containing the type of terms you are likely to come across on your brand protection journey

Useful links

Links to a number of useful resources gathered on our brand protection travels and that you may well need to access to