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Ellie Cashman

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About Ellie Cashman

Ellie Cashman is a celebrated designer, based in the Netherlands who creates beautiful works of art for homewares – including wallpaper, fabric, cushions and scarves.

For more information about Ellie Cashman, visit the website here.

Quick Stats

In 2021 alone, SnapDragon:

  • Enforced against almost 2000 infringements
  • Maintained a 99% success rate
  • Prevented several thousand items being exported from China
  • Identified illicit sellers listing on over 26 marketplaces and independent websites

The Problem

When Ellie found fakes of her original designs online, she knew that both her reputation as a prominent stylist, and her business revenues were on the line. Copies of her wallpaper were appearing on Amazon platforms around the world, as well as on several B2B Chinese marketplaces.

The Solution

General Manager Robert Jan Verkuijlen, began to search for a solution when he realised that his small team didn’t have the capacity, nor the language skills to tackle the issue alone. A great believer in technology, Robert was keen to see SnapDragon’s proprietary software, Swoop, identifying instances of copyright infringement across global marketplaces.

Using Ellie Cashman’s registered (and unregistered) copyright, SnapDragon was able to identify and quickly take down hundreds of listings that were selling fake wallpaper. Within the first few months, the problem had drastically reduced, and our team of brand protection specialists began to monitor platforms for any new listings. This ensured that any infringements could be identified, and action taken immediately. Additionally, SnapDragon has identified an expansion into additional types of products sporting the Ellie Cashman artwork. Originally just seen on wallpaper and phone cases, we now identify infringing copyright on products ranging from homeware to clothing and accessories, and enforce Cashman’s intellectual property, and removing illicit listings.

SnapDragon continues to proactively protect Cashman’s reputation and revenue, leaving no rock unturned.



“What I like most about SnapDragon is that they are accessible, the reaction time is fast, and the communication is always personal. We book great results with SnapDragon.”

Robert Jan Verkuijlen

General Manager


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