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About Hornit

Over the past 6 years, Hornit has pedaled its way to become an award-winning brand, sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Innovation is at the heart of Hornit, and its founder, Tom de Pelet. Hornit’s goal is to create cycling products that work – and the entire team shares this passion.

While they have a range of products, they have received much acclaim for their product, ‘Clug’. The Clug is the world’s smallest bike rack, and has made its stamp on the market to become  a Eurobike award-winner.

For more information about Hornit and their products, visit their website.

Quick Stats

Infringements removed:

Marketplaces covered:
Multiple marketplaces covered with a focus on Amazon, Ebay and independent websites

Enforcement rate:

*Percentage of links removed based on client’s IP portfolio

US, Canada, Europe & China

The Problem

With the success of the CLUG bike rack came a flood of infringements across multiple platforms and independent websites. Tom de Pelet and his team began to notice what looked like their branded products on platforms such as Amazon and eBay – and were furious at the impact this would have on their sales and reputation. Customers would email asking about questionable CLUG products received or being sold on spurious independent websites.

Answering such concerns began to consume a lot of time and energy at Hornit HQ, as the team fought to both respond to customers, and deal with the counterfeit products online. It was at this point that Tom turned to SnapDragon to help. With a fully comprehensive IP portfolio, what the team needed was help to identify, tackle and remove the online infringements as fast as possible, enabling their return to creating products with passion, and bringing those quality products to customers.

The Solution

With tenacity and persistence, SnapDragon used Hornit’s registered trademark, design rights, patent and copyright, to remove counterfeit CLUGs across all the major online marketplaces, and other independent websites. Hundreds of listings were identified and taken down in the first month, and over time, SnapDragon helped the Hornit team to utilize their expansive portfolio to maximum effect. As of today, over 3,000 infringing CLUG links have been removed from sale.

As is the case for many acclaimed brands, the issue experienced by Hornit was far greater than expected, and utilizing more IP uncovered more listings. As painful as it was to see the extent of the problem, over time the number of infringements has steadily decreased, and major marketplaces are now clear of copycat CLUGs. What’s more, SnapDragon has been able to provide the background data pertaining to the links removed so that Hornit can follow up with legal action as required.

SnapDragon’s guidance and involvement has saved Hornit significant time and money as well as protecting the brand, revenues and customers.



SnapDragon is first class. It was started by a someone whom made products, got ripped off and they fought back. SnapDragon focuses entirely on fighting fakes online and has an excellent operation.

SnapDragon took down hundreds of fake listings all over Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, etc which were using our images and also from Amazon and eBay in Europe for breach of design right. SnapDragon takes all the hassle away and have software making it a 1000 times more painless than doing it yourself.

As of today, over 3,000 infringing CLUG links have been removed from sale equating to several hundred thousand CLUG products.

Tom de Pelet

MD of Hornit


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