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LaFlore Paris

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About LaFlore Paris

Father and daughter team Elie and Natacha, the founders of LaFlore Paris, like to do things differently. Their passion for fashion has been lifelong, with Natacha following in the footsteps of her father, who opened his first fashion house in his late 20s.

Ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand, and flow through everything they do. Together, Elie and Natacha created the Bobobark – a stylish, practical bag made with environmentally friendly, vegan and sustainable materials. Made with premium cork skin, the distinctive bag combines style with practicality, and can be used as a purse, laptop case or backpack.

For more information on LaFlore Paris, visit their website here.

Quick Stats

At a glance

  • 100% of infringing listings removed
  • 502 infringing domains removed from Nov 2021 – Feb 2022
  • Sharp reduction in the number of copycats
  • Significant increase in sales of the Bobobark bag

The Problem

The Bobobark bag proved to be a big hit for fashion house, LaFlore Paris, and soon copycats crawled out of the woodwork to steal its innovative and versatile style. LaFlore first noticed that the bags were being copied online  when stakeholders started to be targeted by online ads, linking to unrecognised sites. Then, much to the business’ dismay, customers started to complain about unfulfilled orders. Unsuspecting consumers were being duped into purchasing through fake websites, and no bag would arrive. Soon, it was clear that they were being targeted by scammers through these copycat websites, imitating the brand and using copyrighted images and trademarks.

The Solution

That’s when LaFlore sought the services of SnapDragon to defend the brand online. The business reputation was/is of paramount importance, and they wanted to protect their customers from losing money to unscrupulous con-artists.

Since we were only finding out about copycats via our customers, we knew that a lot more were out there, and we did not have the technology to track them. This is the main reason we chose SnapDragon”.

-Lead Team Member, LaFlore Paris

SnapDragon was quickly able to find a number of fake domains and related websites that were running out of Eastern Europe. The domains often featured the brand name “Laflore”, and appeared to be selling genuine bags, but were illicitly using copyrighted imagery from LaFlore’s website. However, these shops had no inventory, and were created only to steal unsuspecting customers’ payments and bank details.

Our Brand Protection specialists quickly set to work to remove all the fake sites, with a 100% success rate. The number of copycats has taken a sharp downturn since working with SnapDragon, and sales have seen a steady and significant rise. Through our ongoing partnership, SnapDragon continues to provide a robust brand protection solution for Laflore Paris protecting the brand’s reputation, revenues and customers.



“Working with SnapDragon is a very smooth process. They handle everything on their end which saves us a lot of time. Their expertise and technology prevents and stops copycats before they have a chance to reach or scam our clients.”

Lead Team Member

LaFlore Paris


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