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Case Study: Glencairn Crystal

How SnapDragon has helped Glencairn protect its uniquely designed "Glencairn Glass" around the world

When the team at Glencairn identified that they had an issue with online counterfeiting, they approached SnapDragon to help them.

The Problem

Such was the success of the firm’s flagship Glencairn Glass, which quickly became a global sensation in the industry, a multitude of counterfeits and copy-cats emerged. From basic issues where legitimate sellers were flouting brand guidelines and merchandising companies ‘simply copying’ the glass, to counterfeits of dubious quality and heritage, Glencairn had to take action to protect its international reputation, its revenues and its customers.

Initially introduced by its legal counsel, Glencairn turned to SnapDragon for help to protect its iconic tulip shaped glass online.

Scott Davidson Managing Director, Glencairn Crystal
Scott Davidson Managing Director, Glencairn Crystal

Blood, sweat and tears have taken this company from the initial Glencairn Glass, designed by my father, to become the global success it now is. Quality and innovation are key. Infringement is something we will not, and do not, tolerate – and this is where SnapDragon came in.

The Solution

Identifying and reporting copy-cat products in the market to protect revenues

Briefed to identify and remove infringing products from the online marketplaces, SnapDragon was able to make an immediate and dramatic impact using its multilingual analysts and Swoop software. The quick and efficient identification and reporting of copy-cat products for removal was key in protecting Glencairn’s reputation and revenues. Hundreds of sellers were identified in the first few months, leading to the quick removal of hundreds of links across the online marketplaces. Each link represented copy-cat glasses sold, encompassing anything from a single glass to quantities escalating to several thousand per listing. Online sales data was also easily collated for use by Glencairn’s legal teams for formal actions to be filed in various territories. SnapDragon also worked with the firm to list its key products on the EUIPO Enforcement Database, proving critical in alerting border officials to the physical movement of infringing goods through Europe.

Responsively protecting reputation and identifying key areas for brand strategy

After the initial problems were addressed, and relevant data collated for use by Glencairn’s legal counsel, SnapDragon’s Swoop software has continued to deliver a sound ROI, by identifying lookalikes in new territories and on new marketplaces. Such monitoring has also been useful in identifying territories where new IP filings could be very useful.

Fast, efficient and effective – always

SnapDragon’s expertise in the online IP landscape has enabled Glencairn to participate in several innovative programs implemented by the major platforms, such as the Alibaba group. These, coupled with Swoop and the team’s ongoing diligence, continue to ensure fast, efficient, and successful take-downs for the continued protection of Glencairn worldwide.

About Glencairn Crystal

Glencairn is the leading supplier of high quality, distinctive glassware and crystal to the Scottish whisky industry and has been for over thirty years. Founded by Raymond Davidson who, as a whisky connossieur striving to deliver the perfect tasting experience, developed the tulip shaped, Glencairn Glass to do exactly this.

For more information about Glencairn Crystal and their products, visit their website

Quick Stats

Marketplaces found selling counterfeits:
Amazon (UK, US, France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Germany) and eBay worldwide, Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHGate, Taobao, 1688, Shopotam, and Rakuten

Percentage of links successfully removed:
97% – based on client’s IP portfolio.

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