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Our AI image analysis module scours the web to find infringements of your intellectual property within listing images. Stop scammers from using your copyrighted material.

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DelphicViewer is the image component of our standard AI. Product listings that have been market as “infringing” within Swoop, are fed in to our AI so it can learn what fraudulent listings typically look like. It then uses these images to find more listings that are likely to be infringements.

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Infringement categorisation

As relevant listings and found, and pulled into Swoop, they are tagged as infringing, innocent or irrelevant.

Intelligent training

The AI picks up these categorisations and looks at the images for each one to train itself, and learn what makes an image more or less likely to be infringing.

Continual learning

The trained AI then looks at new listings’ images and predicts how likely it is to be infringing. The more it finds, the more it learns.


If you believe your product listing has been wrongly removed, do let us know:

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