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Over the pandemic, consumer behaviour shifted dramatically towards online buying. Instead of finding a meaningful gift in a local boutique store, shoppers went online to find their perfect present. And, with people spending more time at home, home improvement became more popular as everyone started to renovate the spaces they were spending all their time in.

For the home and gift industry, while this created some opportunities, it also spawned some challenges. One of those being fraudsters copying and counterfeiting products to make a quick buck. These cheap, online imposters jeopardise your brand reputation, divert your revenues and put your customers in harm’s way.

This is where we can help. We spend our time looking for fakes online, and take them down to protect your brand from harm. Or, if you’re an expert (or have one inhouse), our monitoring only option may be ideal, giving you the results to action.  

To keep you in the loop about the latest industry news, tips, and everything brand protection, we have collated our most useful blog posts and case studies in one place. We hope you find it informative.

A word from our customers

GlenCairn’s iconic tulip shaped glass became so popular, they started discovering issues with copies, counterfeits and also merchandisers ignoring brand guidelines. That’s when they turned to us to help identify and remove the fakes.

“Blood, sweat and tears have taken this company from the initial Glencairn Glass, designed by my father, to become the global success it now is. Quality and innovation are key. Infringement is something we will not, and do not, tolerate – and this is where SnapDragon came in.”

Scott Davidson Managing Director, Glencairn Crystal

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