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The last few years have been challenging for us all but with supply chains particularly badly hit, counterfeit parts are increasingly finding their way into industry.  

The dangers (of fakes) are ever present. A faulty or low-quality counterfeit can result in mechanical failures, unplanned downtime, and serious injury. So how can manufacturers and componentry suppliers reduce the risk of counterfeits?

SnapDragon is committed to fighting fakes online, and to reducing the risks to manufacturing businesses across the globe.

We are experts at finding fakes and taking them down across ecommerce, domains and social media.

We would be delighted to hear your story and see how we can help.

Why we fight the fakes

Our Head Dragon, and Founder, Rachel Jones knows all too well the dangers that copies and counterfeits can pose. Concerned for the safety of her own small customers, when her baby product was counterfeited, SnapDragon was formed to prevent the fakes getting to market. The rest, as they say, is history!

“Health and safety is at the core of SnapDragon – and it’s what started the journey. Most of our clients are deeply concerned about the risks cheap copycats pose to unsuspecting customers. Some impacts are devastating. We are here to help – we monitor and detect copycat and fake products and prevent their sale online. Identifying and removing illicit content (links, sellers, sites) is actually all we do”

Rachel Jones – Head Dragon

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