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Counterfeiting is sadly very common, and can affect any business, large or small. Often, the perpetrators of these fake products bypass all channels to take money from unsuspecting customers. A recent research study we commissioned showed that 28% of consumers have purchased a counterfeit product without their knowledge!

Fraudsters who have copied your products look to gain financially by not adhering to the strict (and expensive) safety legislation that you put in place to protect your customers. In the toy and nursery sector, this unfortunately means that children can be put in harm’s way because of cheaply – and poorly manufactured products.

Illicit, parallel supply chains such as these can cause reputational damage, as well as diverted revenues. Identifying and removing fake products online can be extremely time consuming and expensive without a process, though critical for the survival of your business. That’s why at SnapDragon, we take care of it for you at a price you can afford – monitoring your products on ecommerce, social media and domains. We will also report and remove these links too – or you can do this yourself with our self-service option.

To help you keep up to date with all the latest news, hints and brand protection tips, we have collated our most useful articles and case studies to show you how others in the industry are reducing the risks to themselves and their customers. Some of the industry’s leading brands trust us to protect their intellectual property.

We speak from experience

SnapDragon was founded by our CEO, Rachel Jones, when her own baby product was targeted by counterfeiters online. Concerned for her customers, and the health and safety of the toddlers who could be harmed by these sub-par copies, Rachel founded SnapDragon to help other businesses experiencing the same issues.

The experience I had with my own business lies at the heart of what we do here at SnapDragon. I have lived through the effects that counterfeits can have on a business and its people, and our mission is to make brand protection accessible and affordable to everyone

Rachel Jones – Head Dragon
Rachel Jones

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