Swoop, by SnapDragon

Introducing Swoop by SnapDragon – The first publicly available Brand Monitoring Tool

What Swoop is & who it's for


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Who is it for?

The powerful software enables any brand, large or small, anywhere in the world, to understand and take action in real-time against online infringement, thereby protecting revenue, reputation and ultimately protecting the consumer.

What does it do?

Swoop detects counterfeit and copycat products on the world’s busiest online platforms including Alibaba, Amazon and eBay.  Any links to infringing products flagged by Swoop are reported for removal using copyright or registered trademarks and design rights and are then removed either by the brand or by the expert SnapDragon team.

Why is it important?

The launch of this new tool marks an important step forward for the international online brand protection market.  Before SnapDragon, online brand protection was not affordable for the majority and available only to luxury brands. By offering Swoop as SaaS (software as a service) and at a price SMEs can afford, our goal is to give all companies access to a world-class, robust, brand protection strategy.

How does it work?

Fast and easy to use, the software lets brands of any size take control of their online reputation, helping them find counterfeits and copycat goods being sold online and subsequently report them for removal quickly and easily. Swoop results can be integrated seamlessly with the activity of in-house or third party legal counsel, ensuring all formal legal actions, from ‘cease and desist’ letters to the full process of litigation, are transparent and tightly managed.

How do I register?

Swoop by SnapDragon is currently available in Beta at four levels which you can learn more about here.