Swoop, SnapDragon’s revolutionary self-service brand protection software, enables you to find and eliminate counterfeits and copies in an easy and highly cost-effective manner.

Swoop’s automated, AI-enhanced processes detect counterfeit and copycat products on the world’s busiest online platforms – quickly, accurately and automatically.

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The fiercest Brand Protection software

Swoop eliminates the time-consuming, manual effort of continually monitoring multiple platforms, delivering fast, accurate results.

You are now armed with the information to remove infringing products from sale as quickly as possible - protecting your brand, your revenues, your reputation and, most importantly, your customers.

Our world-class brand protection system can be working for you in next to no time, and at a cost you wouldn't have believed possible.

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Swoop, by SnapDragon

Who is it for?

Our powerful software enables any brand, large or small, anywhere in the world, to fully understand, and take action against online infringement – protecting revenues, reputation and ultimately consumers.

Why now?

The launch of our new tool, Swoop, marks an important step in the history of online brand protection.

Firstly, it’s highly affordable.

Secondly, it delivers fast, accurate, easily understood results.

Thirdly, brands (or their representatives) are welcome to report the identified, infringing links for removal themselves – facilitating transparency of effort.


We offer four service options. Learn more by looking at our pricing.

What does it do?

Swoop detects counterfeit and copycat products on the world’s busiest online platforms, including Alibaba, Amazon and eBay.  Links to infringing products are detected using clients’ intellectual property (such as trademarks, design rights and patents). Infringing links can then reported for removal, either by the brand team, or by SnapDragon.

Saving time, effort and money

Swoop monitors the world’s busiest online marketplaces identifying counterfeit and copycat goods so they can be reported for removal.

Swoop’s findings can be integrated seamlessly with the activity of in-house, or third party legal counsel, ensuring all formal legal actions from ‘cease and desist’ letters, to the full process of litigation, are transparent, tightly managed and as cost-effective as possible.

SnapDragon offers no legal services.