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Monitor online channels including e-commerce platforms, social media sites, web domains and search engine results.


Detect brand abuse, counterfeits, scams, rogue domains and intellectual property infringements online.


Enforce against and remove infringing content, counterfeits and scam websites from the web.


Investigate offenders to uncover the full picture and gather evidence for further action.

Powerful Software

Our software, Swoop, monitors the world’s busiest online platforms.

  • Proprietary, AI-enhanced algorithms
  • Intuitive web-portal & tailored reports
  • Live infringement feed
  • One-click functionality
  • Captures key cross-platform infringement data

Expert Team

Our solution wouldn’t be complete without our tenacious team of brand protection specialists.

  • Unrivalled account management
  • Unique, first-hand experience
  • Speaking over 20 languages
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Close relationships with platforms

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