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In our free demo, we will perform a no-obligation brand check which will show you exactly where you may be in danger online. You will also have the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you may have.

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Tackle unauthorised sellers online

SnapDragon’s powerful technology and exceptional team work closely with you to understand your specific threats then protect your reputation, revenue and customers online.

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With SnapDragon you get innovative technology and an exceptional team committed to understanding and combating your specific threats.

Together, we'll protect your reputation, revenue, and customers.

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Some of the world’s fastest growing brands have already benefited from our approach.

Although we guarantee each and every one absolute confidentiality – some have chosen to be vocal about the impact our services have had on their businesses.


SnapDragon saves me time and money, which is pretty much the holy grail in a fast-growing company. Their reporting is easy to understand and the results real and tangible. SnapDragon allows us to get on with what we are good at and not get distracted by trying to police our IP.

John Hibbard

Founder and CEO

SnapDragon is a great partner for us. They have leveraged our copyright to great success, taking down scores of listings. In addition, they provide investigation and identification of new threats as they analyse the patterns of fake listings and sellers globally.

Simon Newbery

Managing Director, Orchard Toys

SnapDragon have been the find of the year for us. Their work, and passion for it, is priceless. We are extremely lucky to work with them.

Lorna Macaulay

Chief Executive, The Harris Tweed Authority

SnapDragon’s solution is focused, cost-effective and responsive. The continual monitoring process regularly identifies infringing items. By using our registered IP they are able to take action against the links, helping prevent infringing products being sold.

Graeme Menzies

CFO, AFG Media

SnapDragon is first class. It was started by someone who made products, got ripped off and tried to fight back. Now they focus entirely on fighting fakes for other people. They take all the hassle away and have software making it a 1000 times more painless than doing it yourself.

Tom De Pelet


What I like most about SnapDragon is that they are accessible, the reaction time is fast, and the communication is always personal. We book great results with SnapDragon.

Robert Jan Verkuylen

Director of Finance and Technology


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