Introducing Swoop: Brand protection at your fingertips

We know how frustrating it can be when you find fake versions of your product being sold online. Dealing with it can be a stressful, time consuming distraction from running your business. However, it doesn’t have to be. Our brand protection is now available online, at a price you can afford. Our powerful AI driven software does all the hard work so you don’t have to. Swoop will find copies and fakes of your products online, and show you where they are – so you can take them down!

Try it now with our free, no obligation 7 day free trial. We will monitor 5 platforms across your areas of operations.

Fight back against fakes

Our self-service solution puts you in the driving seat. Our powerful AI will search the internet’s busiest ecommerce platforms to find listings that infringe on your intellectual property. Then it’s over to you.

Via our accessible web portal, you will be able to view listings that Swoop has found for you to review. Our tagging system lets you then mark each listing by type of intellectual property infringement (e.g. design, copyright, trademark), and assign risk levels so you can prioritise takedown actions.

Then – the most satisfying bit – you can report and take down the fakes.

“Health and safety is at the core of SnapDragon – and it’s what started the journey. Most of our clients are deeply concerned about the risks cheap copycats pose to unsuspecting customers. Some impacts are devastating. We are here to help – we monitor and detect copycat and fake products and prevent their sale online. Identifying and removing illicit content (links, sellers, sites) is actually all we do…protecting your business and your customers”

Rachel Jones – Head Dragon

Protect your brand

Monitor online marketplaces and find copies of your products

Protect your revenue

Detect, monitor, and take down the fakes that are diverting your revenues.

Protect your reputation

Remove harmful infringing listings that put your reputation, and your customers in danger.


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