We act as an extension to your team, letting you choose the way which suits you best:

Self-Service – do your own thing, using the software yourself, knowing that we’re in the wings keeping you right.

Managed Service – Ask us to look after it all for you, acting fully on your behalf

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Our self-service model in simple steps.

Upload your brand and product details, including product images and rights information.

Swoop continuously monitors your selected marketplaces for possible infringements.

Machine learning and advanced image recognition systems automatically detect relevant links.

Our user-friendly interface enables you to review, categorise and annotate your results for action.

See your results in a variety of formats, enabling easy processing for takedowns, and/or for circulation to your stakeholders.

Managed Service

Our managed service model in simple steps.

Our trained analysts learn all about your brand, your intellectual property and the issues at stake.

The team then undertakes both automated, and manual, investigations online.

We deliver our findings to your specification and at the desired frequency.

Findings are reviewed; subsequent actions, such as take-downs, agreed, and follow-up activities, such as referring requests for cease and desists to legal teams, actioned.

We keep on top of all activity, providing regular updates (and nudging relevant parties where necessary). Everything we do for you we do with pride, persistence, tenacity, experience and care.