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Keeping your brand safe from scams on social media

In the digital age, it is no wonder that recent estimates show over 4.2 billion people on the planet now…

How to report an intellectual property infringement on Facebook

Finding abuses of your intellectual property (IP) on social media can be hugely frustrating, and instances are on the rise…

Blogging Safely and Avoiding Infringement of Intellectual Property Tips

Read tips on how to avoid Infringement of intellectual property while blogging.

The Ins and Outs of Copyright

Over the years SnapDragon has worked with countless businesses across the world removing thousands of listings that infringe their intellectual…

Generation Fake: Beauty and the Counterfeit Beast

The beauty industry is huge, we are undoubtedly a society who love to look after ourselves and our image. Add…

TikTok: The New Kid on the IP Block

From Ratatouille musicals and viral dances to investment tips and true crime stories, TikTok has something for everyone. It has…

How to: Protect Your Brand on Social Media

Social media networks are often at the heart of marketing strategies. They enable companies to increase their brand’s visibility and…


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