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Working at SnapDragon: What it means to us

At SnapDragon Monitoring, we take pride in embodying core values that set our company culture apart, which include passionate dedication, friendly teamwork, embracing diversity, and unwavering commitment to protection.

Encompassing a multitude of nationalities and speaking over 20 languages, our diverse and tenacious team is always on hand to provide the best protection for your brand online.

We’re a dynamic company, with a fabulous team and wonderful clients, building something great. Based in Edinburgh, with invaluable support across the UK and Europe, our team is friendly, international and welcoming. The team have backgrounds across a variety of industries and works closely with platforms to ensure offenders are taken down.

We are passionate

Our team at SnapDragon is driven by a strong passion for brand protection. This dedication motivates us to excel, ensuring that we consistently deliver top-tier solutions to protect our clients’ products and brands.

We are friendly

We believe in the power of collective strength, fostering a friendly and encouraging environment. We also want our kindness to be perceived by our clients, our priority is to maintain a strong and trustworthy relationship so that our collaboration can best protect their intellectual property rights.

We embrace diversity

Our team is very varied, bringing together a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity adds depth to our team, providing a broad range of insight and solutions to the challenges we tackle.

We are committed

We are truly committed to help our clients protect their brands and products from online IP infringements: from the sale of fake products on independent websites to the unfair use of trademarks on marketplaces. We all work hard to use our expertise to protect brands online.

What being at SnapDragon means

Being part of SnapDragon Monitoring means embodying these values. Passion, teamwork, diversity, and commitment are the driving force behind the high standards we nurture. In essence, we are SnapDragon Monitoring – where our core values shape our successful journey.


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