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World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2018

Every year, on August 21st we celebrate World Entrepreneurs’ Day, or WED, which is a day dedicated to creating awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership across the world.

WED is the day of founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers who have started business alone.

SnapDragon has it made our aim to support and encourage entrepreneurs around the world by working hard to help protect the brands they have built. We believe that every business, large and small, should be able to protect its brands online and be given the fairest chance to grow and succeed.

With the launch of our new publicly available monitoring tool, Swoop, entrepreneurs who have developed their own products can now defend themselves against the sale of counterfeits and fakes – and in doing so, can also take control of their online reputation.

On behalf of the SnapDragon team, we hope you enjoy World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2018!

You can join the conversation about WED by following the hashtags #WorldEntrepreneursDay #WED #TwentyFirstAugust


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