Trademark Protection

SnapDragon can protect your brand online by combining innovative AI enabled technology and unrivalled customer service.

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Companies of all sizes trust us to provide trademark protection services that allow them to grow in safety.

Protecting your trademarks can protect your brand

By monitoring your trademarks online, you can catch imitators early, preventing customer confusion and damage to your reputation.

Taking action quickly means you can nip infringement in the bud before it harms the value of your brand and potentially harms your customer.

At SnapDragon, we offer a range of trademark protection solutions utilising AI image recognition software alongside a team of brand protection experts to help you monitor and take down fakes fast. 


Why book a consultation with SnapDragon?
  • SnapDragon was born from our Founder’s need to protect her brand online. We’re passionate about helping people protect their brands online. 
  • Your consultation is free with no obligations. We’re happy to discuss the type of trademark infringement you face and explore ways to protect your brand online.
  • We use innovative software combined with decades of brand protection expertise to bring down fakes fast, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Discover our flexible trademark protection solutions


We apply proactive automated searching like term scraping or reverse image search to find trademark infringement and other brand threats fast.


We identify Intellectual Property thefts with AI, image recognition and other tailored methods and categorise them for you.


We remove infringing listings fast and effectively due to our worldwide platform connections.


We gather evidence, track trends, identify actors, and much more. Discreet, untraceable and legal.

SnapDragon Founder Rachel Jones talks about online brand protection
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Trademark protection. For us, it's Personal

SnapDragon was born out of our founder’s own fight against counterfeiters – so for us, it’s personal. Our global team, fluent in over 20 languages, brings unmatched tenacity to protecting your brand.

Rachel Jones


36 %

success rate

in removing infringements online

SnapDragon protects brands from online brand threats

Some typical questions on trademark protection

No matter if you have one brand or many. Or if you need a little help or full service, the first questions are often very similar. If you answer yes to any of these questions, please get in touch

Getting ahead of brand threats can save your company revenue and protect your reputation. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support you.

A competitor might use a logo or branding elements that are very similar to an established brand, creating confusion for your customers. Find out how we can help protect your trademarks.

Unauthorised sales of your product can have long-lasting impacts on brands both financially and from a brand reputation point of view. Book a free consultation with us to find out how we can stop unauthorised online sales.

How our amazing clients describe our trademark protection services

“SnapDragon has made a huge difference to our business, and we can rest easier knowing they are taking care of our brand.”

Purple avatar of SnapDragon clients who provide 5 star reviews

Monika Buna

Internal Distribution Manager, Malarkey Kids

“SnapDragon’s expertise and technology prevents and stops copycats before they have a chance to scam our clients.”

Green avatar of SnapDragon clients who provide 5 star reviews

Team Manager

LaFlore Paris

“SnapDragon is accessible, the reaction time is fast, and the communication is always personal.”

Red avatar of SnapDragon clients who provide 5 star reviews

Robert Jan Verkuijlen

General Manager, Ellie Cashman

 “SnapDragon has definitely reduced the number of Morphsuits counterfeits for sale, which is very good news for our customers and our business.”

Green avatar of SnapDragon clients who provide 5 star reviews

Graeme Menzies

Finance Director, AFG

“Infringement is something we will not, and do not, tolerate – and this is where SnapDragon came in.”

Red avatar of SnapDragon clients who provide 5 star reviews

Scott Davidson

Managing Director, Glencairn Crystal

“SnapDragon is first class. They focus entirely on fighting fakes online and have an excellent operation.”

Purple avatar of SnapDragon clients who provide 5 star reviews

Tom de Pelet

Managing Director, Hornit