Online Brand Protection

Online Brand Protection

Monitor. Detect. Enforce. Investigate.

Brand protection is more than just removing fakes. SnapDragon combines innovative technology and unrivalled customer service to add value to your brand by protecting it online.

Our solution safeguards your reputation, revenue and customers across the web – allowing you to focus on growing your business.

All at a price you can afford.

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Powerful Software

Our software, Swoop, monitors the world’s busiest online platforms. It uses proprietary, AI-enhanced algorithms to detect counterfeits, intellectual property infringements, and other brand threats. Once Swoop has cut through the noise, its intuitive web portal and tailored reports enable the rapid and effective removal of infringements via one-click functionality.

Swoop captures key data on offending listing and sellers. This allows for cross-platform analysis to identify bad actors operating across multiple channels. This clustering ensures our solution targets those offenders that pose the highest threat to your brand.

Expert Team

We are immensely proud of Swoop, however, our solution wouldn’t be complete without our tenacious team of brand protection specialists. Encompassing a multitude of nationalities and speaking over 20 languages, our diverse team is always on hand to provide the best protection for your brand online. The team have backgrounds across a variety of industries and work closely with platforms and legal contacts to ensure offenders are taken down.

Alongside this extensive expertise, we have unique, first-hand experience in fighting fakes. SnapDragon was born out of our CEO’s own struggle with counterfeits and copycats of her baby product. The passion drives us to tirelessly defend our fantastic clients from the pain and loss of revenue that fakes and bad actors cause.

We work as an extension to your team to provide unrivalled account management and customer service whenever you need it.


Managed Service

With our managed online solution, SnapDragon protects your brand and intellectual property online. This allows you to relax and concentrate on what you do best – growing your business. 

Self Service

Our self service solution is best suited to reduced budgets. It puts you in control. You can make use of Swoop’s intuitive user interface to monitor and tackle online brand threat directly from your laptop.

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