4moms' Strategic Approach to Safeguarding Their Young Customers

Product Category: Babies and Children

“SnapDragon has played a key role in protecting and strengthening the 4moms brand’s online presence by eliminating counterfeit 4moms listings in the International marketplace."

Francesca Pilafas, Director of International Sales, 4moms

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The Challenge

4moms has confronted a significant brand threat on worldwide marketplaces, particularly Chinese platforms, where dangerous counterfeit baby products (suspected of bypassing safety regulations) were being sold.

4moms also battled grey market goods being sold illicitly on international platforms, as well as impersonation threats on websites and social media.

The Solution

For over 4 years, SnapDragon robustly protected 4moms’ popular Mamaroo swing, along with their full suite of baby products, from counterfeit, impersonation and grey market threats on 30 global platforms, including marketplaces, social media, websites and domains.

SnapDragon’s agile and strategic approach has been a crucial complement to 4moms’ evolving distribution model and priorities.

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