Olivia von Halle: Safeguarding the Originality of their Premier Prints

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"SnapDragon's robust efforts ensured not only the removal of thousands of counterfeit listings, but also fortified our brand's authenticity and reputation."

Olivia von Halle, Founder.

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Olivia von Halle

“Our unique prints found a formidable guardian in SnapDragon.”

The Challenge

Counterfeiters have been replicating Olivia von Halle’s distinctive, self-designed luxury pajama prints, circulating them on global platforms. This not only undermined their consumers’ trust, but also jeopardised the brand’s uniqueness and esteemed reputation.

The Solution

SnapDragon has partnered with Olivia von Halle for over a year, vigilantly monitoring and combatting the growing number of copycats across more than 25 worldwide platforms. Utilising Olivia von Halle’s copyrighted artworks, SnapDragon have effectively taken down thousands of infringing products from market giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

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