Ooni: Turning up the Heat on Brand Protection

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"SnapDragon’s proactivity around Ooni’s brand protection has been pivotal to our brand protection strategy, undoubtedly."

– Christie McCluskey, Ooni’s General Counsel

Pizza oven design and manufacturers Ooni trust SnapDragon with their online brand protection
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The Challenge

Ooni, a brand known for revolutionising pizza with portable ovens worldwide, understand the importance of brand protection for a product company. The brand faced unauthorised use of its copyright, design, and trademark rights. Infringers attempt to steal Ooni’s imagery and name, which jeopardises the company’s reputation and revenue, and devalues their substantial investment in Intellectual Property and innovation.

The Solution

For 3 years, SnapDragon have partnered with Ooni to detect and address brand threats worldwide.
By strategically leveraging Ooni’s established Intellectual Property rights, SnapDragon have efficiently enforced actions against detected infringers, including Chinese sellers attempting to usurp Ooni’s design rights globally.
Through their partnership with SnapDragon, Ooni ensure their brand remains as hot as their pizzas.
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