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Building AI into your cybersecurity strategy

Safeguarding your brand from cybersecurity threats requires more than protective passwords and defensive software. To ensure the best online solution, AI and brand protection are essential to your cybersecurity strategy. Here are a few insights into how it can help.

When we think of cybersecurity in traditional terms, we often visualise lone hackers trying to steal your internal data. However, when it comes to online threats, brands are under attack from every angle – including brand impersonation, fraud and intellectual property abuse.

While brands may believe this can be managed in-house, the sheer wealth of platforms and problems they face are overwhelming and require a more powerful solution. This is where online brand protection comes in. Using industry expertise and our leading Swoop technology, which employs AI-powered technology to help capture and review listings around the world, brands are able to protect themselves in real time from the biggest online threats.

As Chief Technology Officer at SnapDragon, my goal is simple: to improve our software’s capability and protect our clients worldwide. With infringers constantly finding new ways to undermine online brand security however, protecting your brand alone is no easy task. So how do we do this – and where does AI fit in?

How AI fits into brand protection

With online infringers looking for every opportunity to attack brands, it is no surprise that new technologies are constantly at the forefront of potential threats. While this often comes in the form of new platforms, AI and automation have become increasingly big players in recent years.

Although many tools now exist which can trick consumers or brands, a particularly popular tool for infringers is ChatGPT. Using prompts to generate convincing scripts and messaging in seconds, AI-powered technology tools have become a ruthlessly efficient way of recreating and disseminating damaging content in an instant. This can prove particularly harmful for brands suffering from fake websites, which can be replicated and resurrected at will – making manual intervention alone not enough for online security.

If that weren’t enough, while some infringers may not use AI technology directly, a wealth of online marketplaces and territories mean they can slip in and out of sight for even the most determined human eye. Moreover, with new platforms and would-be infringers emerging all the time, around the world, the argument for a tech-driven solution is clear.

In order to fight back against this increasing wave of online content, it is only fitting that AI-powered technology is harnessed for good. This is how our Swoop software does it.

Building on our existing software, which already scrapes major online marketplaces around the world, our AI tool takes things one step further. Identifying and ranking incoming listings according to several relevance metrics, our innovative technology works in tandem with our expert team to sift through the noise and uncover what’s most damaging to your brand.

Working off of your product’s look, description, pricing and more, our AI continuously learns and improves its accuracy based off our categorisation and your expertise – making it more efficient and effective in time. What’s more, the more marketplaces we monitor for your brand, the wider the picture for our AI and your business, ensuring ultimate transparency over who is selling your products – from authorised sellers to out and out infringers.

Improving your cybersecurity

So how does brand protection fit into your existing cybersecurity strategy?

While cybersecurity measures combat threats to internal infrastructure, such as company password security and trade secrets, brand protection focuses on the external threats your business can face every day.

From infringers seeking to steal your trademark, to counterfeiters copying your products, the threat of inaction cannot be underestimated. In order to ensure the most comprehensive cover for your brand and consumers, this is where online brand protection can make a real difference.

By making brand protection part of your cybersecurity, our AI-powered technology can identify, mitigate and remove the financial, safety and reputational threats to your business. To learn more about how our Swoop software, company expertise and brand experts can help your brand, check out our website or contact us now.


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