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SnapDragon’s new SaaS service makes brand protection accessible to everyone

SnapDragon is pleased to announce our new self-service solution, making brand protection accessible to businesses of any size. With flexible pricing, our DIY solution puts you in the driving seat. Our proprietary software, Swoop, searches ecommerce sites to detect products that infringe on your intellectual property. Swoop is currently in beta testing, and you could be one of our first users!

So how does it work?

Swoop is powered by AI-enhanced algorithms to find copycat products online. You will be presented with listings to review as Swoop finds them. You can then tag each product with the type of infringement (copyright, design, trademark etc). You can also tag them by risk (low, medium, high), so you can prioritise reporting and take downs by threat level. The more you tag, the more Swoop learns exactly what to look for.

Then – and this is the best part – all you need to do is report the infringing listings to the platform they are being sold on. Detailed reports can be downloaded to help you keep track of the fakes you need to remove, and you can update Swoop at every stage of the process – so you can get a full view of your brand protection landscape.

Why do you need brand protection?

Protecting your brand should be a top priority for any business owner. Online copycats can cause severe damage to your reputation, revenue and customers. Often, consumers don’t know they have purchased a fake product, and the fraudsters can be tricky – using your images, trademarks and designs to pose as you. These cheap imitations are often very poor quality and can be dangerous. Many contain hazardous materials, are cheaply manufactured and haven’t gone through any safety testing.

What will I need to report fake products online?

  1. Intellectual property rights

This is one of the most important things you’ll need to protect your products. Once Swoop helps find the fakes, you will need this in order to report and take them down. Here is a quick rundown of the things you can protect:

  • Copyright: This is an automatic right that gives you exclusive rights to copy. This can be in literary, artistic, educational or musical form.
  • Trademark: Your logo, original design, brand name etc.
  • Design: Protects the visual appearance of your product (e.g. patterns, graphics, shape)
  • Patent: Your original invention
  • Internal resources

Taking down counterfeiters online takes time. Ripping off your great ideas is big business, and fraudsters will take advantage of that. To tackle the issue, you will need to spend some time and dedicate some resources. Swoop will help you find the fakes, it’s just down to you to take them down.

Can’t spare the resources? Luckily, we can do the take downs for you. Our managed service is there for you any time you need it. SnapDragon has a team of dedicated brand protection specialists who are on hand to handle the entire process for you. Our multi-lingual team are experts at rooting out the fakes, and they will send you regular reports on their progress.

The managed service also monitors social media and domains as well as ecommerce sites so you can monitor your brand across the whole internet.

So how can you sign up?

It’s easy! Just go here and fil out the form at the bottom for a 14 day free trial.

We will have you set up within 2 business days (it takes about that for our AI to kick in and find listings for you to review), at which point you can book a 15 minute Swoop Starter Session with one of our brand protection experts.

Would you like to know more about our managed service? If so, you can request a demo here with our specialists.


If you believe your product listing has been wrongly removed, do let us know:

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