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Fast fashion - a hotbed for design infringements
What makes fast fashion…well…fast? Simply put, it’s the rate at which the garments are produced, purchased, shipped, and discarded. The environmental and social impacts of fast fashion have long been debated by activists and consumers...
Counterfeit products such as makeup can pose a serious health risk
The rise of global e-commerce and the booming demand for beauty products have triggered a surge in counterfeiting and lookalikes. This phenomenon poses severe threats to beauty brands, impacting their bottom line, tarnishing their...
Man working on laptop in danger of exposure to Intellectual Property Infringement
Learn how to protect your intellectual property on Facebook, and how to report any infringement on your copyright or trademarks with this guide from SnapDragon.
Day in the life of a SnapDragon Brand Protection Specialist
The threats of Intellectual Property misuse are constantly evolving. Our Brand Protection team is determined to remain ahead to provide the best brand protection strategies aligned with our client’s business priorities...
Notify Etsy of IP Infringements - SnapDragon
Etsy is known for selling handmade items created by a variety of designers, makers, and artists. These products are often one-of-a-kind, unfortunately, making them an easy target for infringers looking for ideas to steal and copy...



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