With options for all budgets, we make sure that protecting your brand is something you can afford.

Amazon Only

£125 / month

SnapDragon’s simplest self-service package, monitoring Amazon UK and US only.  Keeping it simple for this key platform, our monitoring tools can be used to detect copies, monitor prices, or even a competitor with fast, actionable reports.


£300 / month

SnapDragon’s unique self-service monitoring offer. Our proprietary software detects counterfeits and copies of your product on the world’s busiest online platforms, reporting the results directly to you for subsequent action.


Call Us (We’re very friendly!)

SnapDragon’s advanced managed service where multiple products are monitored and take-down services are provided in support, enabling you to prioritise key platforms and sellers for action.


Call Us (We’re very friendly!)

SnapDragon’s tailored managed service offering for brands with multiple products, where monitoring and takedown services are delivered on an ongoing and continual basis. Within this managed service, and with significant experience of manufacturing offshore and of the supply chain, our international experts deliver additional value.

Detailed below are the features within each pricing plan…

Amazon OnlyBasicAdvancedTailored
Cost£125 / month£300 / monthCall Us (We're friendly!)Call Us (We're friendly!)
Online Marketplaces2 (Amazon UK, US)1030Unlimited
Take-Downs Included- *- *500Unlimited

* Managed take-downs (by SnapDragon) can be purchased in blocks of 5.