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In 2023, why MSSP providers should make Brand Protection part of their Service Portfolios

In September we published a blog post explaining why brand protection should be a key part of your corporate cybersecurity strategy.  

At SnapDragon, we know from experience just how insidiously brands can be targeted via cyber threats, both internal and external. Whether facing fraudulent scams to reputation abuse or counterfeits, we have seen firsthand the countless ways criminals seek to undermine your brand’s online security. Simply put, the cost of inaction is never worth paying – which is why we believe every business should embed online brand protection into their cyber defences. 

With many businesses already outsourcing their cybersecurity to existing service providers, making online brand protection part of your offering provides a huge opportunity for individual brands and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to consider. We believe that SnapDragon is the perfect partner as you embark on this journey. Here’s why. 

Outsourcing Cyber Protections 

For many businesses today, cyber protection has become far too large and complex to manage inhouse. In an online marketplace which continues to grow ever more rapidly, there are simply too many threats, alerts and attacks for any brand to go it alone. 

Fortunately, this need has spawned the growth of expert MSSP service providers, specialising in cybersecurity.  

As we know, MSSPs are experts in the field of cyber, offering organisations with 24/7 coverage to protect their assets from cyber threats. This allows your brand to free up internal cyber resources, safe in the knowledge your security is being managed by experts. However, while MSSPs offer a wide range of cyber services to their customers, few provide online brand protection. 

Why does this matter? Sadly, in the internet age, the external threats posed by online criminals are now just as harmful as what we consider traditional cyber-attacks. Indeed, as more businesses move operations online, the opportunity for criminal activity has only grown. Whether this means stealing your name to creating dangerous content, the range of external threats you face undermine your reputation and revenues. What’s more, when it comes to fraud or safety concerns, leaving things to chance may leave you playing an unwitting game of Russian Roulette. 

Popular brand attacks range from spoofing the social media accounts of an organisation, to building copycats of their website, or even impersonating their CEO and disseminating harmful information. What’s more, in many cases, attackers will directly infringe a brand’s Intellectual Property (IP), producing of claiming to sell cheap imitations of their products in a bid to trick would-be customers. 

When customers are impacted by these threats, it’s often the genuine brand that faces the backlash. Customers want to know why they were tricked into visiting a spoofed domain and had their credit card details stolen. In addition, they will often ask why brands weren’t doing more to protect them from dangerous goods or harmful scams. To avoid further fallout, this can mean a costly replacement or damage control measures – even where the brand isn’t at fault.  

Unfortunately, such threats are all too real and impact brands every day – creating a financial hit not just for businesses, but also potential victims.  

Due to this increased threat, the argument for online brand protection is clear. As we always say, prevention is better than the cure. For enterprising MSSPs looking to enhance their cybersecurity, we believe that online brand protection should become a key weapon in your portfolio. And as for individual brands seeking to safeguard their security? The time is now. 

Brand Protection and MSSPs 

For MSSPs and brands considering online brand protection, at SnapDragon we have developed tools which help detect impersonation attacks and IP infringements worldwide. 

Our innovative AI solution complements existing security services and bolsters them with software which scrapes the internet for fraudulent listings, domains and webpages, ensuring they can be identified and removed before causing harm to brands or customers. 

What’s more, our dedicated brand protection specialists provide an added layer of human expertise, helping navigate the biggest threats – and opportunities – organisations face online. 

For further insights on how online brand protection can support your cybersecurity, please visit our website or contact us directly to learn more. 



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