Self Service

Self Service

DIY brand protection. Easy, affordable and available online.

Dealing with counterfeits can be a stressful, time consuming distraction from the key focus of growing your business.

However – it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we developed Swoop, SnapDragon’s revolutionary self-service brand protection software which enables you to find and eliminate counterfeits and copies. With flexible pricing that gets you started at a price you can afford – whenever and wherever you need to.

Simple, intuitive brand protection – that you manage

Here’s what Swoop can add to your business:

Start protecting your brand, your reputation and your customers in less than 10 minutes

Swoop is easy, effective and designed for all – so whether you’re a product inventor, founder, marketeer, financier, trademark attorney or simply passionate about keeping your customers safe – this is for you.

Our powerful automated system monitoring works round the clock, so you don’t have to

We’ve done the late nights too. Scouring the web for fakes, long after hours.

Why not let Swoop do this instead? Then all you need to do is review the findings and prioritise the next steps.

Comprehensive reporting that supports quick and easy take-downs

Review your infringement results, prioritise the take-downs and act on them yourself – or ask us to do it.

We’re only too happy to help.

Protect your customers and your revenues around the clock

Fakes put your brand and customers at risk – not least because quality standards aren’t a priority for  counterfeiters.

Swoop gives you the power to monitor your brand on key online platforms – giving you peace of mind.

Flexible pricing allows you to get started cost-effectively

With packages starting from £300/month, Swoop won’t break the bank.

Looking for a solution that provides more support?

Why not take a look at our Managed Service solution?

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