Self Service

Self Service

DIY Brand Protection. Easy, affordable and available online.

Dealing with fakes can be a stressful, time-consuming distraction from the key focus of growing your business. However – it doesn’t have to be.

Our self-service solution puts you in control at a price you can afford. You can make use of our innovative Swoop Software and its powerful AI-enhanced algorithms to monitor and tackle online threats directly from your laptop.

Our self-service solution delivers: 


Start Protecting Your Brand in Less Than a Day

Swoop is easy, effective and designed for all. We can have you set up and Swoop searching for infringements within hours. 

Powerful Technology

Our innovative, AI-driven brand protection technology is at the heart of the solution we provide.

Our software, Swoop, continuously monitors the world’s busiest online platforms to detect counterfeits, intellectual property infringements, and other brand threats.

Intuitive User Interface

Unlike other Brand Protection software, Swoop was built with self-service clients in mind. As a result, our clients always tell us how easy the Swoop portal is to use. 

With one-click enforcement functionality, customisable reports, and an insightful dashboard, you can protect your brand directly from your web browser.

Flexible Pricing

Self-service was built for reduced budgets. With monthly packages starting from £250 (€300 / $350) a month, Swoop won’t break the bank. 

Looking for a solution that provides more support?

Why not take a look at our Managed Service solution?

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