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Brand Protection can be a time consuming and stressful business.
It doesn’t have to be.

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Brand Protection can be a time consuming and stressful business. It doesn’t have to be...

SnapDragon’s managed solution delivers comprehensive brand protection services online. The combination of our innovative software and expert brand protection specialists ensures the safety of your brand’s reputation, revenue, and customers. This allows you to relax and concentrate on what you do best – growing your business.

Our managed online service goes beyond online monitoring and enforcement. It can include expert investigation, seller tracking, evidence gathering, reputation management, and test purchasing.



With our online managed service solution you get the best of both worlds. We still utilise Swoop’s powerful algorithms to monitor and detect infringements online but our team will handle everything for you. It is a fully tailored solution – you can choose how involved you are and what aspects of the service you need.

This is what our managed service delivers:

Fully Tailored Solution
Fully Tailored Solution

SnapDragon understands that when it comes to complex brand protection issues online there is no one-size solution. This is why our managed service is fully tailored to you and your needs.

You can pick the aspects of our solution that you want without paying for the ones you do not.

Experienced and trusted brand protection
Experienced and trusted brand protection

All our managed clients are assigned a dedicated Brand Protection Specialist (BPS) who work as an extension to their team.

Your BPS will quickly learn all they can about your brand, your intellectual property and your priorities to ensure we deliver success.

Time saving Technology
Time saving Technology

Our innovative, AI-driven brand protection technology is at the heart of the solution we provide.

Our software, Swoop, continuously monitors the world’s busiest online platforms to detect counterfeits, intellectual property infringements, and other brand threats.

Sound Return on Investment
Sound Return on Investment

At its core brand protection is about adding value to your business. Our highly motivated team works closely with you to align our service to your priorities, KPIs and budget.

We acknowledge that our service is a component in a wider brand protection strategy. As such, we work closely with your legal counsel, internal or external, to ensure clear lines of communication and minimal budgetary spend.

Leverage Full Potential of Your IP
Leverage Full Potential of Your IP

Securing your intellectual property is the first stage in protecting your brand. However, online monitoring and enforcement is also vital to an effective strategy.

Our solution protects your trademarks, copyright, design rights and patents, ensuring they deliver their worth.


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