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Covid and the home improvement boom

The knock-on effect of the global pandemic and working and spending more time at home has seen a boom in home improvements. A lack of socialising, no events and not being able to holiday has also meant many consumers having extra funds to invest in their home. There has been a surge in DIY tasks like painting and decorating, plus improvements such as home offices, gyms and extensions. 

This boom is illustrated in figures from Statista indicating that in 2020 paint purchases rose by 47.1%, the purchase of gardening items rose by 48.2% and 31.4% more consumers bought building material. There has been such a demand for building supplies that in the UK there has been a huge timber shortage across the industry. A poll by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) published in August 2021 indicated that prices of construction materials and wood are expected to rise by about 10% over the next year.

From fencing and decking to outdoor gym rooms and herb gardens, DIY project and home improvements also has implications for the Home & Giftware industry. Once that new deck or home office is complete, then filling it with furniture and accessories is essential. Spending so much time at home during lockdown has proven that the look and feel of where we live has never been more important. 

As a brand owner, there has never been a better time to invest in protecting your brand. With the nation enjoying new found freedom and the home improvement boom here for the foreseeable future, a demand for homewares makes the threat of counterfeits and consumers buying fakes more ominous.  SnapDragon are here to help you protect your brand and ensure online marketplaces are free from copycat products.

5 ways SnapDragon can help protect your brand:

  1. Determine if your brand has an issue either locally or globally.
  2. Monitor your brand worldwide using our intuitive Swoop self-service software.
  3. Help you fight back with our fantastic team of multi-lingual Brand Protection Specialists.
  4. Defend your brand relentlessly. Using your Intellectual Property we can remove  links to infringing products and prevent them being sold online.
  5. Keep on top of the issue and continue to ensure bad apples are reported.

 Get in touch with our friendly team at the.lair@snapdragon-ip.com.


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