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Giving brands the power to fight online counterfeiters!

SnapDragon have recently launched Swoop, the automated brand monitoring platform for designers, manufacturers and retailers, the first of its kind to be made publicly available.  Swoop has been created to enable brands to fight against online criminal gangs of counterfeiters and copycats across all industries.


Businesses of all sizes, from the toy industry to the beauty industry, often struggle to find the time and resources to actively monitor and tackle online infringement issues. However, Swoop can offer an efficient way of ensuring brands are aware and stay on top of any issues that could seriously harm revenues, reputations and consumers.

No industry is safe against the threat of online counterfeiting

While genuine products at discounted prices can indeed be found on the Internet, consumers can often find themselves unknowingly caught out by goods that were the product of online counterfeiting.

The rapid expansion of online counterfeiting is put into stark perspective by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which found that fake goods made up 2.5% of all world trade in 2016. Financially, this equates to a total value of $461bn.

No industry is truly safe against the threat of online counterfeiting, and so it is up to legitimate brands to put measures in place that help protect both the company and the customers. Up until now, brand monitoring is often too time consuming and expensive for SMEs, but now with Swoop, brands can help tackle the threat of fakes by monitoring the busiest online marketplaces and taking action in real-time to remove them, thereby protecting revenue, reputation and ultimately protecting the consumer.

How does Swoop work?

Swoop swoops numerous online marketplaces to search and identify any possible counterfeit products that are infringing the brand in question. From the results, brands can report suspect links for removal through the official reporting procedures of each marketplace, or let SnapDragon take care of it for them.

Find out more about who Swoop is for and how it works here.

Swoop helps keep the reputation of brands intact and customers safe.

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