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Happy World IP Day 2023

While intellectual property is always at the forefront of our brand protection, here at SnapDragon we are delighted to celebrate World IP Day as it turns 23.

From its humble beginnings until now, we are always encouraged to see World Intellectual Property Day’s platform grow bigger and better each year, as more people learn and appreciate the importance of protecting your brand. What’s more, with this year’s edition celebrating female innovation, we are more passionate than ever about spreading the word of this important day.

What is World IP Day?

Launched by WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation) in 2000, World IP Day falls on the 26th of April each year, promoting the importance of strong IP, brand protection and consumer knowledge.

Raising awareness about a variety of intellectual property types, including copyright, trademarks, patents and designs, WIPO’s initiative is a firm reminder – and welcome prompt – for any brand to take ownership of their IP strategy.

Whether taking out early IP registrations or simply renewing your brand’s trademark, taking stock of your ‘intangible’ assets is key for any brand to stay ahead and prevent would-be counterfeiters from stealing your ideas without penalty.

Beyond business, World IP Day is also a prime opportunity to educate consumers on the importance of buying responsibly – and the dangers of going fake.

Indeed, besides the harmful impact of counterfeits on profits, the physical, emotional and financial risks to consumers pose huge reputational concerns for copied brands, who are often blamed when things go wrong.

Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity

As with each year, World IP Day seeks to shine a light on important issues impacting intellectual property today, This edition is no exception, with 2023 selected as the year of women and IP.

Celebrating female innovation and creativity, which has often been historically overlooked and undervalued, we are delighted that WIPO has chosen to focus on the key issue of gender parity – and the need to provide opportunities, avenues and platforms to uplift female talent.

As a female-led business in the world of IP, at SnapDragon we are always amazed at the ingenuity of our clients’ work and know just how vital intellectual property can be in protecting brands from abuse. By empowering more women to become part of this shift, that makes this year’s World IP Day more important than ever.

How to make a difference

Given just how important IP and this year’s message are, it is critical to get the word out. What’s more, by spreading the message all year round, we can ensure that female innovation is rightly celebrated.

For brands looking to make a difference therefore, we encourage you to use your platform and educate the public.

In a world where counterfeits are often seen as a victimless crime, it can be easy to forget just how dangerous they can be for brand and consumer. From online scams to offline operations, left unchecked infringers pose an existential threat to even the most successful business. Fighting back therefore is essential – with strong, registered and resilient IP at the heart of any brand’s business strategy.

And for consumers? Remember to stay safe and avoid falling into an infringer’s trap. As the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. By buying fake, real innovators miss out – with fakes typically produced in poor conditions and with unsafe ingredients. Spreading the word and shopping smartly are key to success, while ensuring you can make a difference.

Want to know more?

To learn more about World IP Day, check out their website. For further details on online brand protection and how SnapDragon can help your brand stay safe, please get in touch with us directly. Happy World IP Day!


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