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How to Spot a Bad Egg

As every Spring, supermarkets’ shelves are bursting with vibrant Easter eggs vying for the baskets of millions of UK consumers. However, behind the bright facade and joyful Easter celebrations, there is a growing concern amongst the confectionery industry. Fakes.

Counterfeit confectionery is on the rise – and is not only a concern at Easter time – capitalising on seasonal dates when chocolate is in high demand. Such products are putting the unknowing consumer’s health at risk, whilst also damaging brand reputations and profits.

Counterfeit manufacturers have long been aware of the increasing popularity of luxury chocolate brands, which they exploit to produce fake products. These products use lesser-quality ingredients to achieve an attractive, bargain price point which appeals to the savvy and unsuspecting consumer on a mission.

Health risks of counterfeit confectionery

However, these inferior products can be dangerous and seriously put consumer health at risk. They are often produced in poor conditions by counterfeiters who only have one thing on their mind – profit. Therefore, they have no obligation to protect the consumers they are defrauding.

Even in China, counterfeit chocolate is an issue, with police seizing fake luxury chocolate brands. According to the website Confectionery News, Chinese police seized 300,000 counterfeit chocolate bars and pieces from a wedding candy store recently after complaints from local consumers. Read more on this story here

Check the packaging

Although a lot of confectionery counterfeits do originate from China, they are readily making their way to the UK market. Fake chocolate products have been sold by unwitting retailers on more than one occasion.  One came under investigation when it was discovered that their Wonka chocolate bars were in fact fakes.

It is therefore important to always be mindful of where you are shopping and what you are buying. If you have any concerns closely check the packaging, and only ever buy from reputable retailers.

SnapDragon helps to tackle counterfeiters across a wide range of industries, with a 98% success rate. If you would like to discuss protecting your brand online, get in touch with us via phone on +44 (0) 131 466 9249 or email at the.lair@snapdragon-ip.com.


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