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Optimism, Appreciation & Awareness

In these ever stranger times, a need for optimism is clear, along with an appreciation of the good things in life: friends, family, health and sunshine. And in my case, nice wine (or a gin and tonic).

We’re trying to appreciate every piece of blue sky here … and the dog has never been walked away from others so much in her life!

Perhaps also, when feeling brave, we have an increased awareness of the ever more devious antics of those faking our treasured, original brands. As shopping online surges, so too are the sales of fakes … still leaking through to trusted sites which should be safe places from which to buy.

With warehousing the way it is, we understand the ease with which fakes proliferate in practice. Warehouses no more store stock in bulk.  Ten thousand shelving options exist, and, once unpacked are dispatched (by robot or biped) to one of 10,000 shelf spaces.

Never do two of the same product meet – unless bought together and shipped together and they meet in their final parcel. Such is the way fakes are bought – very often by mistake – and shipped – with no knowledge from shipper or packer that this is the case.

Please be aware of what you buy and from where you buy it.

Try to buy from a brand’s own website if you can – at least check it for colours/sizes etc. Fakes are often made to look like ‘last season’s deals’ when they are absolutely nothing of the sort. Make sure you know the price you should be paying. Be aware that too good a deal is usually too good to be true.

If you buy and receive a product which does not live up to what you expect, looks or even smells dodgy – even if it’s something as unlikely as a hairbrush, a baby’s toy, or even fish food – report it to the site from which you bought it and get a refund.

Every online marketplace MUST take action against counterfeits and must refund your money.

It’s easy to do and protects you, your wallet and your family.

Report a fake to Amazon here.

Report a fake to eBay here.

Report a fake to Facebook here.

Remember, we are always here to help, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. Good wishes for good health from us all at SnapDragon.


If you believe your product listing has been wrongly removed, do let us know:

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