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The Imitation Game: Why Protecting your Beauty Brand Matters

The imitation game (or counterfeit industry) is an elaborate network that constantly evolves, employing increasingly complex channels and methods to rip off and copy brands. For the beauty industry in particular, this global problem poses a serious threat to brand integrity, revenue, and consumer safety.

It’s a problem brands face all too well – but how to fight back? While product innovations and strong IP are as important as ever, when it comes to protecting your brand it’s not just precaution which counts – it’s a dedicated team that intimately knows your brand and business. Here’s how we can help.

Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery

In an ever-evolving market, counterfeiters are becoming increasingly innovative, constantly leveraging new technologies and exploiting various channels to produce and sell fake products. These channels range from online marketplaces to social media, fake websites and more – using vast distribution networks to promote subpar imitations. What’s more, counterfeits also constantly adapt their tactics, making it exceedingly difficult for brands to effectively detect and combat their operations alone.

Beyond outright counterfeits, a subtler form of brand imitation – often referred to as ‘lookalike’ products – is another popular choice for infringers. These products, many of which abuse trademark and copyright, will mimic the branding, packaging, and marketing of legitimate products. The result? Dilution of brand value, revenues and potential danger for beauty consumers.

How our software can help

When it comes to fighting back online, technology plays a crucial role in combating counterfeits and pale imitations. At SnapDragon, our Swoop software uses advanced tools and algorithms which help detect and remove counterfeit products from the most popular platforms. From image recognition to AI, we can monitor and track imitation goods every day across the globe, ensuring no stone is left unturned in the fight against fakes.

The human touch

While our software is essential, just as important is a dedicated team which intimately knows your brand and how to protect it. Spanning a multitude of nationalities, expertise and backgrounds, our brand protection team can identify the subtlest of brand infringements which may otherwise slip past unnoticed. Working with the tech and your brand needs, we work intelligently as an extension of your team, carefully analysing your beauty brand’s unique characteristics, market positioning, and potential threats.

Our unique solution

Unlike other providers, SnapDragon is proud to offer a powerful combination of technological innovation and human care. Employing our advanced software to monitor and detect the most pressing counterfeits and lookalike goods across multiple online platforms, we passionately work to provide the best service at the best value. Using this targeted strategic approach our dedicated team of experts work collaboratively and carefully to understand your business and brand’s most important online brand protection needs.

Thanks to our founder and story, here at SnapDragon we know all-too-well the importance of brand protection and the severe repercussions which counterfeits can have on any company. This includes the implicit financial, safety and reputational concerns which are so important, particularly in beauty – and how to navigate an overwhelming global market.

Using our strategic relationships with platforms, contacts and associations, we ensure rapid enforcement of fakes using your intellectual property, removing illicit listings, sites, and content to ensure counterfeit products and infringements are swiftly eliminated.

Protect yourself today

In a fast-paced world of counterfeiting and brand imitation, leaving your beauty brand’s integrity and customer safety to chance is simply not enough. Proactivity is key as is dedicated online brand protection, ensuring your brand can grow safely and sustainably. At SnapDragon, our dedicated team works to protect these aims and make the difference. For more information on how we can protect your beauty brand today, get in touch now.


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