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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2018 – Five Reasons NOT TO BUY Counterfeits

SnapDragon protect against counterfeit products every day, all day, for businesses of different sizes and sectors. Today in particular is a key date in the global agenda to raise awareness of the issue of counterfeits – World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2018. We are of course strong advocates of fighting against illegal counterfeiters, and fully support all efforts to tackle the problem which can be destructive for businesses and dangerous to consumers.

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day – 6th June 2018 – is now in its twentieth year and was established by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG)  to highlight the worldwide issue of counterfeits and the importance of buying real.

With fake products now more accessible and enticing than ever before, it is easy for consumers to fall into the trap of purchasing fake over real, whether intentionally or not. Dramatically low prices and seemingly similar branding can blur the line between counterfeit and real, so it is now even more important to educate consumers on the consequences fake products can result in.

5 Reasons NOT TO BUY Counterfeits:

  • Counterfeit products in all industries can be dangerous but become particularly life-threatening when it comes to the toy, cosmetic and food industries. Fake toys can have loose and sharp parts, causing danger to infants and some counterfeit cosmetics have been found to contain E-coli and urine!
  • Buying a counterfeit of a product damages the company making the real product, both financially and reputationally.  Brands spend a lot of time and money fighting back against fakes which means they can’t use that money to make more of the legitimate product or hire more people to make and sell the real thing.
  • The price for the legitimate product rises. Companies pass the costs they incur fighting counterfeiting along to consumers. This in turn contributes to job losses because genuine manufacturers are unable to match prices charged by rogue traders.
  • Fake merchandise generally tends to be very poor quality. Counterfeiters are generally in it for the short-term gain and don’t care about repeat business, meaning they have little incentive to put quality into what they sell. You can expect a counterfeit to fall apart or stop working soon after you buy it.
  • According to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, consumers should avoid buying fake goods because “you’re helping the trader to break the law“. The bureau, which is affiliated to the City of London Police, reports that, “many fraudsters use the proceeds from selling counterfeit goods to fund drug dealing or other types of organised crime”.

If you’d like to learn more about how SnapDragon can help you to protect your brand online from the threat of counterfeits, Contact Us about of our newly launched Swoop software. Swoop is the first publicly available brand monitoring tool which enables companies to take matters into their own hands. The automated and affordable software searches the main online marketplaces for fakes, reporting them for further action.


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