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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2021 | Rules to Protect your Brand

Today marks World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2021. Now in its 23rd year, WAC day was established to raise awareness of the problems associated with counterfeit goods. At SnapDragon, we have made it our mission to fight back against counterfeiters online. As such we have pulled together an infographic to showcase our essential rules for ensuring that your brand doesn’t fall prey to counterfeiters.


Having a solid IP portfolio behind your brand is key. Make sure you are registered in your own territory, as well as China. Trademarks are one of the cheapest ways to protect your brand and can be registered for as little as a couple of hundred pounds.


At SnapDragon, monitoring for fakes and infringements is what we do best. We are big believers that a crucial step in fighting back is understanding the extent of the issue. Don’t just monitor in English, utilise Google translate and look for brand names in a variety of languages and on as many platforms as you can.


This is not a fight you have to undertake alone. There are people and agencies, like us, that are here to help you defend your brand so that you can get back to doing what you do best – growing your business. It’s also important to be honest with your customers, tell them where they should, and shouldn’t, be buying from.


If you do happen to find a fake of your brand – buy it. It may seem like you’re supporting the enemy but getting to know the product will allow you to alert your customers to any features that may be used to differentiate the counterfeits from the real deal.


Don’t be afraid to fight back. Most marketplaces have reporting procedures in place to allow you to report and remove infringing listings. We also have full guides on how to do this on our website.


This is actually how the first fakes of Totseat were discovered. Registering your products with customers and other Border agencies can be an invaluable tool in preventing counterfeit imports. We are always happy to discuss how you can do this – feel free to get in touch.

There are many companies offering Brand Protection services in the UK, however, we believe the SnapDragon team is, without doubt, the friendliest out there. We work with clients from across the world and will defend your brand relentlessly, you can see for yourself what our clients have said about our work, it speaks volumes. Check out our blog on Online Brand Protection – The Essentials for more tips, or download the full infographic here.

SnapDragon will help you fight fakes online, to keep your revenue, reputation, and customers safe. Please get in touch or request a demo to find out more.


If you believe your product listing has been wrongly removed, do let us know:

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