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About 4moms

4moms’ mission is clear: to develop dramatically better juvenile products and build a great company. So, when fakes threatened their brand reputation a couple years ago, 4moms partnered with SnapDragon and quickly saw how brand protection helped to support their mission.

The Problem

4moms’ first priority was to remove the incredibly high number of infringing accounts on Alibaba. These included counterfeit sellers and unauthorized retailers – meaning consumers were not getting the baby gear from 4moms, which could result in parents receiving used, damaged, or even knock-off merchandise. It was not the positive 4moms’ experience the brand had worked so hard at creating.

The Solution

Within a few months of working with SnapDragon, the number of fake listings being identified monthly went from hundreds, to less than 5 per month. 100% of counterfeits were removed – keeping the authentic products reaching consumers. On top of that, a sustained 93% success rate was enforced across all areas of infringement over the past 2 years, showing the efficiency of the SnapDragon approach.

Over the next year, the 4moms brand protection strategy was developed to address developing issues within their supply chain and distribution channels, and to respond quickly to new challenges, such as fake “4moms” Instagram accounts. These accounts were scamming followers with fake giveaways, so having these shut down quickly was essential.

SnapDragon continues to protect the 4moms’ brand, by tackling the biggest online threats through a proactive and flexible approach.



SnapDragon has played a key role in protecting and strengthening the 4moms brand’s online presence by eliminating counterfeit 4moms listings in the International marketplace. In addition they have provided ongoing support on platforms such as Instagram and Amazon, to help us better manage fake listings.

Francesca Pilafas

Director of International Sales, 4moms


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