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About Red Paddle

In 2008, Red Paddle Co-founder John Hibbard was paddling along on a heavy composite Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). He couldn’t help but think there might be a better way of doing things. He realised that an inflatable board would solve the problem of how to easily transport a SUP when off the water. From this idea the world’s No. 1 inflatable SUP company was born.

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Quick Stats

Infringements removed in first 3 months:

Loss of sales protected:

*Based on the lowest priced brand name Red Paddle board

Success rate:

China: Alibaba and Aliexpress

The Problem

Red Paddle Co is synonymous with quality. They are the only inflatable SUP brand to make their boards in their own, private facility using the most innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. They are obsessed with making the best and most reliable inflatable paddle boards in the world.

As leading innovators in the outdoor market, Red Paddle has developed their own, market leading, materials and technologies to make their boards. As a result, Red Paddle SUPs have an unrivalled rigidity thanks to their patented RSS technology and are a leader in durability and quality due to their exclusive dropstich material ‘MSL’. Sensibly, Red Paddle protected these technologies and brand names by registering them as trademarks across the world.

Unfortunately, but somewhat inevitably, these innovative materials and the accompanying stellar reputation Red Paddle built led to numerous impersonators abusing their brand name, copyright images and, in particular, the ‘MSL’ trademark to sell copycat products online. Red Paddle became a victim of their own, unparalleled, success. As their hard work and focus took them to the top of their industry a new battle emerged – the fight against fakes.  Despite their registered Intellectual Property (IP), these copycat products have threatened Red Paddle’s reputation, customers and profits. But, ever the innovators, John and the Red Paddle team did not stand by. Instead they reached out, researched, and found the help they needed: SnapDragon, who were ready to take swift action.

The Solution

SnapDragon and Red Paddle worked together quickly to develop a solution. This has been to monitor, find and remove the copy-cat listings from the major online marketplaces (in particular Alibaba and Aliexpress). By enforcing the registered Trademarks of ‘Red Paddle Co’ and ‘MSL’, Snapdragon has been able to remove hundreds of infringing listings offering sub quality products both for consumer and wholesale purchase. These products threaten to reduce Red Paddle’s revenue, the reputation of their exceptional quality boards, and the safety of Red Paddle customers who could end up with a dangerous SUP whilst out on the water.

  1. We reached out to our contacts in Alibaba and registered Red Paddle’s trademarks with the Alibaba platforms: so as to enforce quickly and efficiently against fake sellers
  2. We reported and enforced Red Paddle’s Trademark rights: to stop copy-cats using its MSL name to sell counterfeit and fake products – to this date we have successfully enforced and removed 100% of listings on Alibaba platforms
  3. Despite the majority of copy-cat sellers being based in China: SnapDragon has successfully used Red Paddle’s registered EU and US intellectual property to remove all these infringing links.
  4. On a month on month basis, infringing listings are halving in number


SnapDragon saves me time and money, which is pretty much the holy grail in a fast growing company. Its reporting is easy to understand and the results real and tangible. This approach is on average saving us £2-£3,000 pounds a month in IP legal fees.

John Hibbard

MD, Red Paddle


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