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Don’t get caught out this Amazon Prime Day

Since launching in 2015, Amazon Prime Day has now become a full-blown phenomenon, with shoppers and brands alike seeking to take advantage of the big bargains and sales opportunities on offer. What’s more, with this year’s edition now officially running until tomorrow for Prime customers, the starting gun has already fired on what is sure to be a big day for the global retailer.

However, while many of us may be looking for a lucky find as we shop or sell, for many the risk of being caught up in the fray and duped is higher than ever. Indeed, from unscrupulous sellers banking on impulse buys, through to counterfeiters exploiting beloved brands, Amazon Prime Day is not without its dangers. Here’s what we recommend as you navigate this sales bonanza.

Cheap isn’t always cheerful

Contradictory though it sounds, even during promotions like Amazon Prime Day it is not always wise to opt for the cheapest offer. What’s more, thanks to Amazon’s policy of hosting multiple sellers on single ASINs, this can be particularly true as consumers look to shop – with counterfeiters potentially lurking in plain sight. As we remind clients all the time, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to Amazon therefore, be mindful of the following:

  • Price
  • Seller
  • Description
  • Location

If any of these strikes you as unusual – for example, a price far lower than any competing offer – it is possible that you could be caught out. Remember, unlike physical department stores, virtually anyone can list on Amazon – meaning you should always exercise caution when buying.

For brands concerned about cheap copies, the same is true even when you’re not buying. Instead, by monitoring and identifying suspect listings, it is important you go the next step and, where possible, report it. While ideally fakes would be proactively reviewed by platforms, in reality due to sheer volume and variety this rarely happens. As such, it is critical brands take steps to protect themselves first hand – on Amazon Prime Day and beyond.

Beware now or never

While Amazon Prime Day may be all about Amazon’s key offers, it can be easy to get caught up in the madness as you shop for the best deals. Beyond falling for the cheapest offer, this can often be the case if a tempting listing is ending soon or almost ‘out of stock’. Relying on impulse purchases, scammers may take advantage of the occasion to push people into a ‘buy now, worry later’ mentality. Although this may be true for the most popular promotions, it’s an easy way to catch out otherwise sensible consumers.

So what do we recommend? If you can bear it, take a step back if needed and give pause before confirming. Take note of the details carefully before making a snap decision. If the images are blurry for example, or the description isn’t up to par, listen to your instinct and don’t confirm unless you’re sure.

Protect your IP

While intellectual property may not feature heavily on consumer minds, for any brand it is key to protecting yourself – Amazon Prime Day or not. What’s more, with many of the most popular Amazon deals this year showcasing top brands, name recognition and hero products are essential to lasting success and sustainable sales. As such, we strongly recommend that every business takes their IP portfolio seriously as they build their brand.

From ensuring your creativity is rewarded through to empowering you to remove bad actors sullying your name, registered intellectual property unlocks a wealth of options as you protect your brand.

How we can help

While Amazon Prime Day may only last one day, brand protection is 24/7. At SnapDragon Monitoring, we work with brands and partners to tackle IP infringement and reputational matters online, working across global marketplaces, social media and more to protect your business and consumers. From strategic projects to worldwide coverage, we can monitor, identify and enforce for you as required.

For more information on what we do, check out our website at www.snapdragon-ip.com or contact a brand expert today.


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