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Each for Equal: International Women’s Day 2020

Sunday the 8th of March marks International Women’s Day 2020. Having been celebrated for over 100 years, this year the organisers have turned their sole focus on the building of a gender equal world.

Team doing International Women's Day pose

Gender equality is not just an issue for women. It is an issue for the economy, for all businesses, for all cultures and for all people.

Progress is being made, but women, and indeed all those who do not identify as men, continue to be underrepresented across decision making bodies, boardrooms, media discourse and sports coverage. This is unacceptable and here at SnapDragon we are adamant that this Sunday is not just a day for women to speak out. Rather it is a day in which everyone can articulate, that gender equality can help us build a stronger economy and a fairer society. It is about sending a message – and then building on that message with our actions going forward.

In addition, this year there are several missions that have been launched by the IWD team. SnapDragon knows, first-hand, that gender equality is good for business and good for our people. As a female led company, in the tech industry, several of these missions strike a particular chord with us. We are proud to say that they already make up a core part of our culture.

Mission 1 | Work

To champion women of all backgrounds who dare to innovate, lead, and uplift others towards a more equal and inclusive workplace

Mission 2 | Tech

To celebrate digital advancement and champion the women forging innovation through technology

Mission 3 | Entrepreneurs

To support women to earn and learn on their own terms and in their own way

So, join us as we celebrate the great women at SnapDragon and across the world. Without them we would not be where we are today.

Strike the #EachforEqual pose and celebrate International Women’s Day this Sunday, and remember, on the Monday – continue the fight for gender equality across the world.

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