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How Logo Detection Can Transform Your Online Brand Protection

When it comes to logo detection and your brand, the logo(s) you own form a key part in your corporate identity, intellectual property portfolio and brand protection strategy. From unique colour combinations to innovative shapes, styles and motifs, a recognisable logo helps you stand out from the crowd and, if protected, is worth its weight in gold – making logo detection a top priority as your protect your brand and consumers online.

The argument for proaction is clear, but how does logo detection work? Unlike word or combined trademarks, which can be identified via search terms, finding where your logos are used and abused has remained relatively elusive online until now. Fortunately, there is help at hand – thanks to our market-leading AI tool: DelphicVision.

What is DelphicVision?

DelphicVision is the logo detection tool of our artificial intelligence capability. Developed in conjunction with our Swoop software, our powerful AI scans every listing Swoop identifies for your brand or product against your selected logo(s), intelligently analysing each result to find and rank instances where your logo may be infringed. What’s more, this intelligent capability also accounts for ‘imperfect’ matches, such as where a logo may be flipped or distorted – ensuring suspect logo infringements of all kinds are continuously captured and reviewed.

logo detection step one
logo detection step two
logo detection step three

Why Logo Detection?

While our standard Swoop monitoring already identifies a wealth of trademark infringements, including logos, thanks to DelphicVision we can identify and prioritise suspect trademark listings which may not include your brand terms. This tool can be especially invaluable when capturing more insidious infringements of logos and 3D trademarks – particularly cases where the infringer has intentionally excluded the brand name in their description or branding to evade detection. In our experience, such abuse can disproportionately impact industries where distinctive trademark shapes or designs are intrinsic to the product itself, such as beauty.

To elaborate further, take perfume bottles for example. In many cases, while the bottle design may be instantly recognisable to the average consumer, the brand name isn’t featured and is often registered as a separate word trademark. By monitoring bottle logos specifically, DelphicVision ensures that logo-only infringements are not overlooked – providing an additional layer of brand protection and effectiveness. For industries like beauty in particular, where safety is paramount above all else, this means no stone is left unturned when it comes to monitoring your intellectual property online, making DelphicVision an invaluable tool in your brand protection arsenal.

logo detection - perfume bottles

Interested in Learning More?

Whether you’re new to brand protection or curious to hear how DelphicVision can enhance your existing service, we are always happy to talk. For full details, get in touch now or request a demo to find out more about how logo detection can transform your brand protection strategy.


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