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How to: Protect Your Brand on Social Media

Social media networks are often at the heart of marketing strategies. They enable companies to increase their brand’s visibility and value, whilst targeting up to 3.8 billion potential consumers. Given the current context, the value of social media is growing and it is undoubtedly becoming the most important communication channel.

Brands can, and have, been utilising social media platforms to maintain and even strengthen their customer relationships, whilst respecting current social limitations. However, these platforms also expose brands to different types of infringements which can adversely affect their image. Hence the need to consider how to protect your brand when using a social media marketing strategy.

What are the different types of infringements? 

Controlling content shared on social media is key to avoiding infringement. Brand misuse can create confusion with consumers as it can be difficult to differentiate between original and fraudulent content. Your brand, which is a real strategic asset for the development of your business, can face reputational damage caused by infringements.

More precisely, a brand can be exposed to the following types of infringements:

Trademark Infringement:

The use of your brand name or logo without authorisation is an infringement of your trademark rights. For example, an account claiming to be an official brand account selling counterfeit products which could be dangerous for consumers.

Copyright Infringement:

The use of your graphic identity and original content without authorisation is an infringement of your copyright. For example, an account using copyrighted photos to sell rival products.

A brand parody means deliberately highlighting the characteristics of a brand in a satirical and humorous way. Brand parodies can be created by using copyrighted content without authorisation. Some spread at an incredible speed on social media and can damage a company’s reputation.

How to protect your brand on social media?

There are various ways to protect your brand on social media.

For example, a registered trademark will help to protect your brand more easily. However, even if your trademark isn’t registered, any content you have created is protected by copyright. On social media, copyrighted content can include photos, videos, publications, and logos.

Having your account verified is also a significant way to protect your brand image so that consumers can easily recognise it as the official brand account.

If your brand falls victim to infringements on social networks, the most popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are all equipped with a Help Centre where you can report infringements. All you have to do is fill out an online form to highlight the infringement so that the platform in questions can take appropriate action.

Snapdragon Monitoring is committed to protect our clients’ brand image and our team will be happy to help you if you need to protect your brand. Get in touch here.


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