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Happy International Women’s Day 2023 to all the inspirational women out there.

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate all women, and especially women in the Intellectual Property and Tech industry.

Why is International Women’s Day an important celebration at SnapDragon?

As a female-owned business, this day and what it signifies is particularly important for us. From its early beginnings through to now, SnapDragon has always made it a priority to encourage women at all stages in life, while celebrating gender diversity as a whole within our organisation.

SnapDragon was born thanks to our founder Rachel Jones and her tireless efforts to fight online fakes. Having been the target of counterfeiters herself, she was driven to create a dedicated and affordable solution which protected brands and consumers worldwide. Today our core mission remains exactly the same, as we continue to defend brands and customers across the globe.

Our team deeply believes in a gender equal, diverse and inclusive world. Gender parity and diversity in the workplace are especially key values for us, and we strive to use our voice to promote female success within the tech industry. In fact, 60% of our team at SnapDragon are women, and we celebrate the brilliant work that our female colleagues do every day.

We are passionate about promoting and protecting female innovation

Beyond our workforce, at SnapDragon we are also passionate about working with inspirational women and their brands. From longstanding friends to recent partnerships, we pride ourselves on protecting and promoting female innovation, particularly in the male dominated IT sphere. What’s more, as a global team with a diverse outlook, we recognise the impact of international cooperation – and the importance in speaking up.

On this International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the importance of celebrating women’s achievements and fiercely protecting their ideas. We are truly committed to building a world where difference is valued and celebrated, and where women have equal opportunities to thrive in the tech industry and beyond.

Join us in embracing equity and celebrating the inspirational women out there. 

About SnapDragon

SnapDragon will help you fight fakes online, to keep your revenue, reputation, and customers safe. Please get in touch or request a demo to find out more.

international women's day
A warm International Women’s Day from a few of our female Dragons.


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