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This World Health Day watch out for the health hazards of counterfeits

Today is World Health Day (Saturday 7th April) and we all know the importance of keeping healthy, right?

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Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and getting a decent sleep are all important for us to maintain our health. However, consideration for the legitimacy of everyday products is often left in the back of our minds as we live our busy lives. Unfortunately, there are billions of counterfeit products currently on the market that are unknowingly purchased, putting the health of consumers at risk. From cosmetics to toys and pharmaceuticals to confectionery, fake products are widely available in every industry. This poses a threat, not only to brands profits and reputations, but more seriously to the wellbeing of consumers.

Watch out for fake chemists online

According to the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) , international trade in counterfeit and pirated goods is now worth approximately £300 billion.

Fake pharmaceuticals are online as never before, posing and causing serious issues around the world. What look like bona fide online chemists are selling totally fake medicines – all packaged to look real – duping customers with often painful and lethal consequences.

In this video, shared by Interpol, a woman bought counterfeit weight-loss pills online and it was discovered that the pills contained dangerously high levels of diuretics which caused the woman to become diabetic – for life.

Beware hidden dangers in the beauty industry

The beauty industry is also rife with counterfeits. Brands including Mac and Kylie Cosmetics are two of the most replicated who have publicly taken a stand to raise awareness of these fake products. Consumers have reported harmful ingredients in beauty products such as gasoline, and some even citing traces of urine and E. coli causing nasty side effects. Fake beauty products can be attractive to the unknowing consumer as the price of luxury cosmetics can often be steep. However, inferior ingredients can lead to dangerous reactions. Reports have noted user’s lips stuck together and sore rashes and lumps appearing after using fake beauty products. Always consider the pricing, packaging and point of sale when purchasing beauty products.

This World Health Day, keep in mind the products you buy and the places you buy them from. Only ever buy from reputable retailers and look out for the warning signs like poor packaging and questionably low pricing. Read our guide to avoid purchasing counterfeits online here.

If you would like to discuss counterfeit products and how to protect your brand online, get in touch here.


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