About Us

About SnapDragon

Simply put, we fight fakes online.

We’re different because we’ve ‘been there’: our founder successfully battled counterfeits of her own brand.

We know the pain of counterfeiting and everything which comes with it.

We’re a small friendly and expert team. Well known and respected throughout the industry.

Why We Get Up In The Morning

Our mission is to dramatically reduce sales of counterfeit goods around the world, enabling brands to thrive and customers to be kept safe.

We believe every business, large and small, should be able to leverage its intellectual property rights to protect its brand online.

And we get up in the morning to make this happen.

Our Clients

SnapDragon is very proud to count the following among our clients.  Read their testimonials here

Morph Costumes
Cheeky Chompers
Harris Tweed

Here's what we do

Our expertise has grown from years of working in manufacturing, logistics, product development and marketing. We have first hand experience of defending our own brands on line, so we know what works (and what doesn’t), and how painful the issue of counterfeiting can be.

Our clients see us as an extension to their own teams. We are just as passionate about defending your brand as you are. Because we know, exactly, what it’s like.

The good news is that counterfeits sold online can be tackled effectively and without costing the earth, thanks to our software – Swoop. Swoop was created precisely for this purpose, to deliver affordable, effective online brand protection. And that’s exactly what it does.

And these are the steps we take to protect your brand….

First … we like to understand what rights you have in terms of intellectual property (such as trademarks, design rights and/or patents). Don’t panic if you think you don’t have much. Copyright can be a very valuable asset, and tool.

Then … we use our proprietary software (Swoop) to identify potentially infringing links on the world’s busiest online marketplaces.

And … then, using your registered IP (and unregistered copyright if necessary) to prove your brand’s originality, we report and remove erroneous links and sellers.

For cases where legal action may be required, if you need introductions, we can call upon the worldwide network of IP attorneys and lawyers that we have established over the years (and whom we know, personally).  SnapDragon offers no legal services.


Fierce online, very friendly offline.

The rise in counterfeiting and other online intellectual property (IP) infringement is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Don’t let it be yours. Get in touch now.