Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

SnapDragon and Social Responsibility

SnapDragon believes that corporate social responsibility or CSR is ‘common sense really’.

A responsible approach to people and the environment – who we are, what we do, and how we work with our clients and partners.

Across all of the areas described below, we monitor our activities and actions and review them annually.

This is overseen by our CEO, who started the business based on her own experience. As such, she has battled fakes first hand – and built the business to be sustainable, effective, rewarding and fun.

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The key building blocks of our approach to Social Responsibility

Our purpose

Our aim is to combat illicit online trade through identifying and removing counterfeits for sale. Counterfeits not only damage brands and their reputations and revenues, but can cause significant harm to the end customer – whether as a fake toy or a fake medicine – and the consequences can be life threatening. Counterfeiting is a significant economic and social issue.

Indeed, the OECD reports that counterfeit and fake goods make up more than 5% of the world’s global trade. Those involved in the trade of counterfeits have been linked to people trafficking, prostitution and drug dealing. As such, reducing illicit trade is about much more than brand protection but also about human rights, safety and social equity.

Our people

We have been recognised as one of the most diverse, small workplaces in the UK and were recognised, in 2018, in the Real Business top SME Culture Leaders Awards. We are a fully inclusive and nurturing employer and the majority of our team are women, leading to accolades in the Computing Magazine Women in IT Awards and the Amazon Growing Business Awards. We actively embrace flexible working and encourage a healthy work-life balance. Walk and talk ‘meetings’ are encouraged daily (many with our ‘company’ dog) where fresh air and exercise are combined with business agendas.

The current team members come from 11 countries and speak a total of 14 languages. We encourage the celebration of National Days and provide flights home, annually, for all non-European employees. Age is no barrier. Flexible working is encouraged we have progressive training schemes throughout the business. We are members of IP Inclusive, a network of professionals working to make the intellectual property industry more diverse.

Our environment

We provide challenging and purpose driven work in a comfortable and welcoming environment.  We minimise the use of resources – printing on double-sided paper, recycling all packaging and food waste, using natural ventilation and low energy lighting and devices.  We have benefited from the advice of the Energy Saving Trust and Resource Efficient Scotland.  Our waste contractor also provides us with a monthly report on volumes and types of material and the carbon emissions avoided through recycling.

Over 90% of our employees walk or cycle to work and 10% use public transport as their normal daily commuting mode.  While flights can often not be avoided, when travelling to and from London our specific ideal mode of transport is the train.

Our community

As well as working in close collaboration with our clients, and the online marketplaces, we are active members of groups which have been established to combat illicit trade.  These include the Scottish Anti-Illicit Trade Groupthe European Intellectual Property OfficeThe Scottish Business Resilience Centrethe Anti-Counterfeiting Group and the China Britain Business Council.  Members of our senior management sit on the boards of ACID (Anti-Copying in Design)the Scottish Ministerial Trade Board and the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s Observatory Panel for SMEs, amongst others.

Each team member nominates good causes or charities that are supported on both an individual and corporate basis. Wherever possible, we support the employee’s involvement whether through time or fundraising events.


In September 2020, we launched BogusBuster – an independent resource to guide consumers through everything scam related. The site covers everything from tips to spot fake products online to reporting dangerous products to step by step guides on what to do if someone has stolen your images on social media. 

BogusBuster is co-funded by Innovate UK  which launched a business competition in May 2020 to seek solutions to problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the virus spread, and communities ‘locked down,’ the spike in online shopping was significant. With this came a rise in those being scammed, so there’s never been a more important time to stay safe online. BogusBuster was created to keep consumers informed, ensuring they get exactly what they paid for.

With scammers becoming more sophisticated, consumer safety is at the top of our agenda at BogusBuster. We hope that our regular updates, news, tips and advice will help to keep everyone safe and secure online.

Head to BogusBuster to find out more.