Managed Service

Managed Service

Don’t let the bad guys win. Let us take you and your intellectual property under our wing.

Making sure your business doesn’t fall prey to counterfeits and copycats can be a hugely time consuming and stressful business – but it doesn’t have to be.

Our Managed online brand protection service means you can relax and concentrate on what you do best – building your business. While we get on with protecting your brand and IP.

Why we do what we do

We are passionate about online brand protection because we absolutely understand the horrors of fakes. Our founder, Rachel Jones, created a baby product which was counterfeited some years ago. Angered by the audacity of the counterfeiters, and unable to afford full cost IP protection services, Rachel recruited multilingual specialists, locally, to help identify and remove repeat infringers online. Using the product’s extensive trademark and design right portfolio, the team removed tens of thousands of infringing items from the online marketplaces, keeping customers and the business safe. And SnapDragon was born to provide online brand protection and IP protection services to SMEs.

A comprehensive Managed Brand Protection Service. Delivered by experts

Here are just some of the benefits our customers tell us they get from working with us

Leverage the full value of your registered intellectual property

Securing your IP is the first stage in protecting your brand – but enforcement is also a key part of your strategy.

Our solution enables your trademarks, design rights and patents to deliver their worth. Providing full online brand protection.

Concentrate on what you do best – while we get to work protecting your brand online

We work quickly as a team to learn all we can about your brand, your intellectual property and your priorities.

We then work as highly effective extension of your team. Plus we’re 100% as committed as you – to protecting your business and your customers.

Sleep easier at night – while powerful automated searches do the hard work

Our innovative, AI driven brand protection technology is at the heart of the solution we provide.

Including powerful automated searches around the clock – supplemented by manual searches by the team when needed – across all priority marketplaces and social media sites.

Leverage 40 years of experience in offshore manufacturing and supply chain

We understand entirely the issues and challenges you have as you move your manufacturing offshore – because we did it and experienced the pain of counterfeits.

ALL of that experience – including our supply chain expertise – is available to you as an online brand protection service. From secret ingredients to secure labelling.

A solution based on sound ROI

Our highly motivated team works closely with you to align your priorities and takedown activities.

We also work closely with your legal counsel, internal or external, to ensure clear lines of communication and minimal budgetary spend.

Looking for a simpler solution?

Why not take a look at our Self-Service solution?

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