Top Tips To Protect Your Brand Online

1. Register your trademark in as many territories as possible – and definitely in China.

2. Register products and trademarks with the EUIPO enforcement database and its equivalent elsewhere.

(This is a free service and helps protect your brands at ports of entry.)

3. Translate your brand – into as many direct and slightly indirect variants as possible and search regularly for these on online platforms.

Report sellers for infringing activity and get listings removed.

4. If you find counterfeits, buy a sample and get to know it so you can help others – including customs – tell the difference.

Be super aware in terms of customer safety.

5. Don’t get too distracted from the day to day business.

You can win – and with persistence, you will!

6. Don’t forget we have been there, done it and got the (genuine) T-shirt.  We are here to help.

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